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Slipping and falling and repetitive strain injuries are two of the most common office and professional worker injuries. Attorney Gilbert Fisher helps with those too. Discuss your case with our work comp attorney to learn what benefits you are entitled to.

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Sometimes people think of work comp injuries being construction workers, or agriculture works, or people who, you know, smash their hand, or fall of a ladder, or something. But office and professional workers suffer injuries too. Many times, their injuries are not specific incidents. They can be they might slip and fall. But, many times, they're repetitive strain injuries. And what a lot of people don't realize is that those injuries are also covered by workers' comp. So, if you work in an office or a professional environment and you feel like you are being injured, or that your job is causing injury, you should consult with a work comp attorney. Over the past 20 years of representing injured workers, a big part of what we do has been helping people who work in an office or professional environment get the benefits that they're entitled to. When someone comes to us with an injury that occurred in an office or a professional environment, we like to make sure that we get all the details and that we make sure that their case is properly filed so that their rights are protected. Interestingly enough, when someone has a specific injury, the case may be pretty clear-cut, but when someone suffers a repetitive strain injury, the date of injury, the mechanism of that injury may be a little less clear. And sometimes they may be leaving out a body part. For example, they may have a wrist problem that's really bothering them because of carpal tunnel, and what they don't realize is that they also have a shoulder injury too. So we like to make sure we get all the facts and make sure that they get the coverage for their entire body if needed. Anyone who has sustained an injury in an office and professional should discuss their case with a work comp attorney and find out not only what their rights are and what benefits they might be entitled to, but also discuss what their options are going forward and what they might expect.

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