Insurance's Role in the Workers' Compensation Deposition


During your workers' comp deposition, the insurance company will want to gather information and evaluate your credibility. Legal representation can help immensely during this time. Mr. Gilbert Fisher can attend your deposition and provide sound legal counsel to protect your rights.

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Gilbert Fisher: An insurance company takes a deposition usually for two main reasons. The first reason is simply to get information, okay? So they're going to want to sit down with you. They're going to want to make sure that they get answers to questions like, how did you get injured? Or have you had injuries before that involved the same body parts? Things like that. So up until this point in your case, the only information the insurance company has is usually little snippets of information in a doctor's report. And so this is their chance to sit down with you face-to-face and get detailed answers to all their questions. The second reason that they take the deposition is usually because they want to test your credibility. They get to sit down, again, face-to-face and size up your credibility and make a determination as to whether they feel like you're being straightforward and honest with them, or whether you're trying to milk the system. So they plan specific questions oftentimes that they know the answer to to see how you respond and see whether they feel like you're being honest with them. Narrator: If you or a loved one need help with a workers' compensation issue, call our office today.
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