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Attorney Leo Akulian has been practicing law for 20 years and has recently begun working alongside Mr. Fisher. He has a deep understanding of the workers' compensation system and enjoys sharing his knowledge with whoever walks through his office door. His decades in practice and education can help you navigate the complex workers' comp system.

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My name is Leo Akulian. I've practiced law for 20 years, most recently at the law office of Gilbert Fisher. Way back when I was always the one leading the charge of what the rights were, what we could do and not do, and really kind of dealt with the police a lot. So I kind of had that back then since I was a teenager. Of course, it took me about 12 or 13 years after I got out of high school before I actually began to think about really being a lawyer and going to school for that purpose. There's a lot of things I enjoy about being a lawyer. The main one is to be able to help people that really can't help themselves in various aspects, because, you know, not everybody thinks like a lawyer, or understands exactly what they're dealing with or up against in certain situations or a lot of situations anymore in this complex world we live in. What a client can expect, when they come to the office to see me, is that they're going to leave this office, whether they've actually become a client or not, with knowledge of the workers' compensation system. And I can't tell you how many times I've had clients come to me that have talked to other lawyers, then they talk to me and they go, "You know, nobody ever explained all this to me." But I do. I was born and raised in Monterey, California, in Monterey County, and, you know, I came to Fresno originally after I became an attorney, graduate of Monterey College of Law, came here to Fresno as a workers' compensation defense attorney. I did that for about the first three years. Then I had my own firm, which I still do have, but also, I'm in association here with Mr. Fisher. But I'm come back home to the Monterey County, and I've opened an office in Salinas so that I can assist people in that area in the same level that I have here in the Fresno area.

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