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Workers' Compensation Law has become so complex that the average person needs the help of a workers' compensation lawyer to navigate the system and obtain their benefits. Our team at The Law Firm of Gilbert E. Fisher can help you by answering your questions, filing documents, and making sure your rights are protected. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your case.

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A workers' compensation lawyer practices law before the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board in California. This is the administrative body of law that has been established by the state to handle work injuries. So all day long we deal with insurance companies and with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. We help our clients get benefits under workers' compensation law, and those benefits are generally paid by insurance companies. Although Workers' Compensation Law was designed to be something that people don't need an attorney for, over the years it has become increasingly complex and we find that it can be very difficult to navigate for the average person unless they have an attorney to explain the system and what the rules are and to help them get every benefit to which they may be entitled. If you suspect that you have a workers' compensation case, the first thing you should do is set up a consultation with the workers' compensation attorney. Workers' compensation attorneys will generally do free consultations and so it costs you nothing to schedule a time and go in and talk about your case with someone who can explain what your rights are and answer your questions. Over the past 20 years of practicing as an attorney, we have practiced exclusively Workers' Compensation Law and we have handled thousands of cases and helped people get the benefits to which they're entitled under California Workers' Compensation Law. When we work with our clients, the first thing we try to do is protect their rights under any applicable statutes of limitations. This means that we file the documents with the proper authorities so that their rights are protected. We also sit down with our clients and find out what their issues are and help explain to them what their rights are and then help them resolve those issues. The most important thing to remember, when you have issues involving a workers' compensation case, is that the best source of help is a workers' compensation attorney.

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