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Mr. Gilbert Fisher is a top-rated workers' compensation lawyer. Having personally suffered the loss of a loved one due to a workplace injury, he strives to show every client compassion and ensure their rights are protected. In this testimonial, Jennie describes how Mr. Fisher helped her collect compensation for a debilitating injury sustained on the job.

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Jennie: I just turned 22. I got injured at the age of 21. I'm a full-time student and a part-time worker at a group home. I was actually assaulted by one of my clients, and it took a big toll on me, since it was an assault to my right hand. Since I'm right-hand dominant, it took me a lot to get through school, work, and Mr. Fisher helped me a lot through that. He actually took on my case and has also provided me quite a bit of help. At a young age, you don't really know much when it comes to anything with workmen's comp. So he actually assisted me through that. He explained it to me. He'd seen my struggle through what I was going through. He understood my pain. He's a very generous man, and I couldn't be any more appreciative for him. Like, words cannot describe how much he actually means to us. Sorry, it's a little emotional. But he's helped me so much. He made me understand that there is hope out there. Narrator: If you or a loved one need help with a workers' compensation issue, call our office today.
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