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Slip and fall accidents are common in the workplace. Whether the accident was the result of a slippery floor, computer cord, or anything else, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Attorney Gilbert Fisher can guide you through the work comp system in California to ensure you receive the medical treatment you need.

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Slip and falls are a common occurrence in the workplace, whether the floor is slippery, or whether you trip over a computer cord, or whether the fall is not related to any of those. Falling at work is a common occurrence. The first thing to understand if you suffer a fall at work and an injury as a result of that fall is that it doesn't matter whose fault it was even if it was your fault because you weren't looking out, you may be entitled work comp benefits. It's important to have a work comp attorney help you when you suffer a slip and fall injury because the work comp system here in California can be really complex. And getting the medical treatment you need and the benefits to which you're entitled can be difficult. Slip and fall accidents at work are a common occurrence and as a firm that has represented clients for more than 20 years in workers' compensation cases, we've handled our share and then some of slip and fall injuries. When we have a client who has suffered a slip and fall at work, they can expect that we'll be able to go over the injury, the facts of the injury and help them understand what their rights are. Probably the most common questions regarding slip and falls have to do with fault. And it's important to remember that work comp is a no-fault system, so it doesn't matter whose fault it was. If you fell at work, you're entitled to work comp benefits. Although slip and fall injuries may be pretty straightforward, they can also be very complex simply because work comp law here in California is pretty complex. So if you suffered a fall or any other type of injury, you should consult with an attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

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