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Work Injury Lawyer

Has a workplace injury taken a physical, mental, and financial toll on your life?

Our lawyer, Gilbert Fisher, can pursue a workers' compensation or personal injury claim on your behalf. 

Our Fresno, CA, law office has been entirely focused on helping injured workers seek maximum compensation since 2014. 

Do You Need A Work Injury Lawyer? Gilbert Fisher Is Known For

Personalized Attention

You'll meet your compensation lawyer right away when you walk into our Fresno or Salinas office. Mr. Fisher's firm is smaller than other large, big-name firms. The size of his law firm allows him to represent each client himself. 

Understanding Workers' Pain

Gilbert's father suffered a devastating work injury that left him paralyzed for the rest of his life. This injury lit the fire in Mr. Fisher to become an attorney who fights for workers' rights and compensation. 

Experience on Both Sides

Our compensation attorney’s experience working for an insurance company gives him knowledge of the tactics they use to try and minimize workers' claims. This understanding helps him secure the compensation his clients deserve,  now that he has fully dedicated his practice to representing workers. 

Act Before the Deadline Hire a Compensation Lawyer

After suffering a work injury, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. While your health is the top priority, deadlines exist for workers' compensation, personal injury, and wrongful death claims. That's why it's vital you hire a lawyer who can take key actions before deadlines pass. 

Workers' Compensation Deadlines

Notify your supervisor as soon as you notice your workplace injury. In the state of California, your work injury must be reported within 30 days of the incident, and you have one year to file your workers' compensation claim. Failure to meet deadlines means you will likely lose any possibility of receiving compensation insurance benefits. 

Learn More About Workers' Compensation

Personal Injury Deadlines

Just because you were injured on the job doesn’t necessarily mean you have a workers’ comp claim; a personal injury claim may be the more appropriate action. You have two years from the day you were harmed to file a personal injury claim in California. However, if you didn't discover the injury immediately, and no reasonable person would have, you have one year from the time you realized you were hurt. 

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Wrongful Death Deadlines

Losing a family member due to someone else’s negligence can be difficult to process. The law provides more time to file a wrongful death claim, with a deadline of two years from the date of death. Gilbert Fisher can handle this process for you, seeking the maximum compensation you deserve so you can focus on rebuilding your life. 

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Have You Experienced a Work Injury? Request a Free Consultation

A work injury can be physically, mentally, and financially taxing. The Law Office of Gilbert Fisher is here to seek fair compensation for you so that you don't have to put any additional stressors on your plate.

We offer completely free consultations. Our attorney works on a contingency basis, meaning you don't pay us a cent unless we win your case. Call us today to request a free consultation at our Fresno or Salinas office. If necessary, Mr. Fisher is willing to meet you at home or in the hospital to provide his case review. 

(559) 206-3715

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Attorney Fisher and his law firm provide personalized attention to each client.

"I was not passed from one person to the other." 5-Star Reviews From Fresno and Salinas Clients


Keith Edminster


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Initial vist was amazing they are really there for you and will work hard for you extremely understanding they made it very easy and comforting through the hole process

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Karen Mavrikis


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I really can't express how great of an attorney Mr. Fisher is. From day one, I felt like they were there for me and fought hard for my case. I called them one day and the next day they were able to get me in. I met with Mr. Fisher on the day of my consultation (free). I was not passed from one person to the other. The staff was super professional and friendly. 

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Process of a Work Injury Claim What Does a Work Injury Lawyer Do?

All consultations are free and can be conducted from your home or the hospital. 
All consultations are free and can be conducted from your home or the hospital. 

Gather Evidence

Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher will begin looking into your injury to determine the cause. His singular focus on worker injuries has allowed him to gain a keen understanding of the various elements that can lead to a work injury. Having an attorney who can collect the right evidence at the start of a case gives you a better chance of collecting maximum compensation. 

Determine Fault

After investigating the cause, our law firm's compensation attorney will determine who is at fault for your workplace accident, and if a workers' compensation claim or personal injury claim is more appropriate. 

Seek Maximum Compensation

After a workplace injury, you want compensation that's fair and ensures all expenses and damages are covered. Our compensation lawyer understands how to negotiate with insurance companies to fight for the full compensation benefits you are owed. 

Mr. Fisher's Decades in Fresno Work to Your Benefit

Mr. Fisher has been practicing law in the greater Fresno area since 2000. Since then, he has earned a reputation for obtaining substantial injury compensation and developed relationships with an extensive network of professionals in the fields of law and medicine in Fresno, Salinas, and beyond.

He personally knows top medical examiners and expert witnesses, and regularly works with them to build cases that secure maximum compensation for his clients. 

Mr. Fisher Can Appeal Denials On Behalf of Injured Workers

An injured worker's pain is often compounded by a workers' compensation claim denial. You should know that Mr. Fisher is an attorney who can fight denied or even delayed claims. Winning an appeal often results in swifter compensation than other possible routes. Both Fresno and Salinas have appeals board locations. Our law firm has offices in both cities, which makes fighting a denial more convenient for workers suffering from a work-related injury. Reach out to our compensation lawyer today to discuss your appeal. 

(559) 206-3715

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Clients Talk About Whey They Choose Mr. Fisher He Fights For the Injured in Fresno


Carl Jobe


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The entire staff goes above and beyond. They treat you like a friend and not a client. Carl Jobe

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Maria Alvarez


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thanks again for fighting in Court like fierce, God bless always to Mr Fisher and all professional and excellent staff, Gloria is the best Paralegal with gold heart .. my eternity gratitude

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Workers' Compensation vs. Personal Injury Claims

The law can be complex. You may not know how to address your workplace accident and receive the fair compensation you deserve. Mr. Fisher can help you find which claim option is a better fit for your unique case.  Here is a general overview of workers' compensation versus personal injury claims:

Workers' Compensation Claim

If you are injured at work due to a single event or repeated strain, you may be entitled to workers' comp benefits, which are carried by nearly all California employers. Workers’ compensation claims are not fault-based. This means you do not have to prove who caused your injury. Instead, the only requirement to receive workers’ compensation is proving your injury was work-related. Sometimes, claims administrators deny workers’ comp claims. Mr. Fisher knows how to make sure that your claim is not unjustly denied or undervalued.

Personal Injury Claim

Typically, California workers cannot sue their employers in court due to workers’ compensation regulations. However, there are cases where  a personal injury claim is necessary to receive the full compensation you deserve. If your work injury was a result of negligence or other wrongful action by your employer, a personal injury claim can help you receive the full compensation you are entitled to. There are even situations where you can file both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit. Mr. Fisher can take care of both for you if this is necessary. 

Types of Compensation Mr. Fisher can Seek on Your Behalf

A work injury lawyer like Mr. Fisher can make sure you don't get shortchanged when it comes to compensation. Here are some losses you can receive compensation for:

Workers' Compensation

  • Medical treatment
  • Disability benefits
  • Job displacement benefit
  • Death benefits

Personal Injury

  • Past & future medical expenses
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Wrongful Death

  • Lost income of the deceased
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of love and companionship
  • Loss of the deceased's guidance

"They know what they are doing." More 5-Star Reviews From Fresno and Salinas Clients


Johnny Martinez


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The whole team has been a great help to me and a professional team office.

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Arturo Mendoza


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Very professional they know what they are doing.

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With nearly two decades of experience as an attorney, Gilbert Fisher is dedicated to giving clients individual attention and high-quality legal services. Our firm works to make legal representation accessible, offering free consultations and late-night/weekend appointments. We represent clients in various types of workplace injury cases including:

You can request a consultation with Mr. Fisher online, or you can call our Fresno, CA, office at (559) 447-1210.

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"In my workers' compensation case, Mr. Fisher grasped the complex situation and provided immediate feedback. His legal assistance was direct and on-point, and allowed for an extremely positive resolution."

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