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A Skilled Attorney Fights Tirelessly for Workers’ Compensation

In spite of safety regulations and recent improvements in a wide array of tools and equipment, workplace injuries remain as prevalent as ever. Physical pain arises from such injuries, of course, but the majority of the hardships related to workplace injury involve financial distress. In addition to covering steep medical bills, victims may no longer be able to carry out the daily duties required by their employers. The result could be a huge cutback in hours or even the complete loss of employment. When combined with aforementioned medical expenses, this job loss can prove truly devastating.

Although it can be difficult to reverse the physical debilitation stemming from a workplace accident, it is at least possible to keep the financial effects of the incident to a minimum. The best way to obtain a fair settlement from the offending employer is to team up with a workers' compensation attorney in Fresno, CA.

Why Work with A Fresno Workers' Compensation Attorney?

In California, victims of workplace injury are entitled to multiple types of compensation. First, the employee is guaranteed some level of compensation for medical bills arising from the workplace injury. If a brief period of time off is granted in hopes of achieving a full recovery, the victim must also receive approximately two-thirds of the standard paycheck. If the injury is believed to have caused permanent harm, compensation for said permanent disability must also be awarded.

Although the laws regarding workers compensation are quite clear, not all employers and insurers actually abide by them. Victims may find themselves hassled by insurance companies. This could take place the first time the employee attempts to obtain coverage for medical expenses or after several years of regular coverage. Likewise, employers may refuse to provide the required temporary or permanent disability compensation, instead choosing to dispute the validity of the victim’s claims.

Dealing with the lasting effects of workplace injury is difficult enough without this insurer and employer harassment. A Fresno workers' compensation attorney can take on the legal issues related to compensation disputes, thereby allowing harmed employees to shift their focus to the recovery process. By researching the incident, the lasting medical effects, and the company or insurer’s history of compliance with California regulations, a workers' compensation attorney such as Gilbert Fisher can hold offending parties accountable when they fail to adequately compensate employees for their physical and mental health sacrifices.

Attorney Gilbert Fisher: Your Trusted Advocate In Workers Compensation Cases

A graduate of the University of Minnesota’s prestigious law school, and a current member of the California State Bar, attorney Gilbert Fisher boasts the legal knowledge and communication skills necessary for resolving complicated workers' compensation cases. Most importantly, attorney Gilbert Fisher is a legal advocate worthy of your complete trust.

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