Workers' Compensation

A job injury can have a devastating effect on your health and finances. Workers' compensation can help cover medical bills and lost wages.

Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher can help you file a compensation insurance claim and fight to maximize the financial compensation you receive.

Why is Gilbert E. Fisher considered to be the premier compensation lawyer in the Salinas and Fresno, CA, areas?


What Is Workers’ Compensation?

State-Mandated Insurance

Workers’ compensation can be thought of as state-mandated insurance. If an employee who works in California suffers an injury on the job, that employee is eligible to recover benefits in a workers’ compensation claim. Mr. Fisher can help injured employees like you recover those insurance benefits.

Workers' Compensation Act

The California Workers’ Compensation Act is a statute that requires your employer to pay your medical costs and cover part of your wages while you are away from work due to injury or illness. This is the case regardless of who is at fault for the injury or illness – the employee, the employer, a coworker, or a third party.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

All California employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. This means that if you are hurt at work, you are entitled to medical treatment, temporary disability, or a permanent disability benefit. Obtaining these benefits can be a complex process; Attorney Gilbert Fisher can help.

Why Choose Mr. Fisher as Your Compensation Lawyer?

Focus on Workers' Comp

Mr. Fisher has been practicing law since 2000 and has focused on helping injured workers with workers' compensation claims since 2014.


Mr. Fisher's father was paralyzed and then passed away from a work-related injury, so he understands the pain and suffering that injured workers experience.

Free Consultations

If you suffered an injury that is work-related, Mr. Fisher offers free consultations. It costs you nothing to contact his Fresno office to discuss your case and the possibility of filing a compensation insurance claim.


Mr. Fisher will meet you at his office, your home, or in the hospital for your free consultation. He will always return phone calls as quickly as possible, personally. 


Unlike some big-firm lawyers, Mr. Fisher will not tell you what you want to hear. He will tell you the truth. This straightforward, honest approach is greatly appreciated by his clients.

Personalized Treatment

Our firm specializes in individualized attention, unlike big multi-lawyer firms where you could be shuffled off to assistants and paralegals. You will meet your lawyer as soon as you walk in the door of our Fresno or Salinas office.

Two Convenient Locations

Mr. Fisher has two offices where he can meet you: one in Fresno and one in Salinas, about a half-hour outside of Monterey.

Were You Injured on the Job? Contact Mr. Fisher to Maximize Your Compensation

When your finances and health are affected by a work-related injury or illness, you need a compensation lawyer on your side who is experienced, dedicated, and devoted to getting you the maximum insurance benefits you deserve. That lawyer is Gilbert E. Fisher.

Mr. Fisher not only knows the ins and outs of California's unique workers' comp statute, but he is extremely familiar with the Fresno court system as well. This gives him an edge over outside compensation lawyers from San Francisco and Los Angeles who don't know local judges like he does. 

Let Mr. Fisher get you the state-mandated insurance benefits you deserve so you can concentrate on healing. Contact our Fresno office today either online or by phone to set up a free consultation. Mr. Fisher represents clients from Fresno, Salinas, and surrounding areas.

Attorney Gilbert Fisher
Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher

Mr. Fisher Explains Workers' Comp vs. Personal Injury 

How does workers' comp work? While you do not need to prove fault for workers' comp, you need an attorney to help you receive the benefits you are entitled to, including medical treatment. As an attorney focused on workers' compensation cases, Mr. Gilbert Fisher can guide you through the process and protect your legal rights as an injured worker.

5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Clients "Gilbert Fisher is a great attorney."


Karen Mavrilkis


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I really can't express how great of an attorney Mr. Fisher is...From day one, I felt like they were there for me and fought hard for my case.  I've heard of horrible experiences of people with other attorneys and all I can say is that I was truly blessed. Thank you Mr. Fisher and his amazing team for all you did for me and my family.  Forever grateful!!

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Lou Salazar


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Gilbert Fisher is a great attorney. I totally recommend Mr. Fisher, he is efficient, professional, and competent...Mr. Fisher was upfront and straight with me about my case. Every time I met with Mr. Fisher or his staff I felt a personal touch. I am more than satisfied with my settlement. I totally recommend Attorney Gilbert Fisher. 

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You Need a Structured Settlement

Disability insurance paperwork, eyeglasses, and pen on a desk.
Without a properly structured settlement orchestrated by Fresno attorney Gilbert E. Fisher, your social security and disability benefits may be put at risk. Our firm will draft a settlement that minimizes or negates the offset.

I Was Barely Hurt Should I Still File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

You have nothing to lose by contacting a workers’ compensation attorney, no matter if your injury is a minor one and you missed no work. Even if your employer admitted that the injury took place at the job-site, hiring an attorney for your workers' compensation claim can make a big difference in your outcome. Here's why:

Statute of Limitations

If you do not file your claim on time, you may receive nothing at all. In California, you must file within one year of your injury. Mr. Fisher can help ensure that you meet this deadline.

Maximize Your Benefit

Your settlement may not cover all your bills and lost wages. You need someone with a thorough understanding and ample background handling these claims to ensure you maximize your settlement. If you want the best outcome possible, contact Gilbert E. Fisher today.

Fight Denied or Delayed Claims

Your employer or their insurance company may deny your claim or refuse to pay benefits in a prompt fashion. It is common for employers and insurers to reject claims thinking that workers will not go through the appeal process. Many times, they are correct. Our firm will work tirelessly to secure a fair settlement because we do not stop fighting for you.

Protect Your Rights

Your employer may fire or demote you if you file a claim. We will protect your legal rights if your employer takes retaliatory measures.

Ensure Disability Payments

If you suffer a disability that is permanent, your insurance company may stop making payments. However, you are entitled to either a lump sum or repeating payments. Insurance companies often do anything they can to avoid making these disability payments. Mr. Fisher can help make sure the payments continue as they should.

Can I Afford Mr. Fisher's Services?

Absolutely. Mr. Fisher's worker's compensation cases are always on a contingency basis. This means he does not receive payment unless he wins you compensation. His fee comes out of that settlement and not from you personally.

Eligibility and Legality of Workers’ Compensation

  • If you are an employee injured on the job in California, you are eligible for workers' compensation. It is your employer’s duty to pay your benefits. 
  • The law requires that employers have workers’ compensation insurance if they have employees. Failure to have coverage is a criminal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.
  • Only employers without employees can opt out of workers’ compensation coverage.
"Attorney Gilbert Fisher is honest, knowledgeable, and will fight for your workers compensation rights. I would highly recommend Gilbert for any type of legal matter with your employer." David Moore - 2019
Gilbert E. Fisher

Attorney Gilbert Fisher

With nearly two decades of experience as an attorney, Gilbert Fisher is dedicated to giving clients individual attention and high-quality legal services. Our firm works to make legal representation accessible, offering free consultations and late-night/weekend appointments. We represent clients in various types of workplace injury cases including:

You can request a consultation with Mr. Fisher online, or you can call our Fresno, CA, office at (559) 447-1210.

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"In my workers' compensation case, Mr. Fisher grasped the complex situation and provided immediate feedback. His legal assistance was direct and on-point, and allowed for an extremely positive resolution."

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