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A repetitive strain injury (RSI) involves damage to part of the musculoskeletal or nervous system which is caused by repetitive use, vibrations, compression, or long periods in a fixed position. If you are suffering from an RSI on the job, you may have grounds for making a workers’ compensation claim. An attorney can help you file your claim in a way that demonstrates that your RSI is a result of your job duties, as well as the degree to which it has compromised your ability to perform your job. An attorney can also determine the amount of financial compensation needed to cover the cost of related medical bills and lost wages. Fresno, CA, Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher has been practicing law since 2000. Mr. Fisher’s father suffered a devastating on-the-job injury, giving Mr. Fisher the drive and passion to pursue full recovery for other victims as his life’s work. Call today to let us help you demand what you deserve.

An office worker rubbing her painful wrists.

Workers who engage in the same action for a prolonged time as part of their job are more likely to experience a repetitive strain injury.

The Damage Caused by a Repetitive Strain Injury

If you perform the same task every day, all day long, you could be at risk of suffering a repetitive strain injury. For instance, workers who type for the majority of their work day use certain tools and equipment over and over. Workers who engage in the same action for a prolonged time as part of their job are more likely than other workers not engaged in repetitive motions to suffer this type of injury. The damage can be severe, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or tennis elbow. These conditions may prevent you from doing your job properly, or doing your job at all.

Gilbert E. Fisher in Fresno, CA, aggressively pursues compensation for victims of repetitive strain injuries. Let us help you today.

To fix the damage done it is possible a worker may require extensive surgery and ongoing physical therapy or require other rehabilitative services. If you have suffered an injury from a repetitive task, you can count on us to give you personal attention and manage your case with keen attention to detail. We work hard to get you the compensation and medical services you need and deserve.

Symptoms and Body Parts Affected by Repetitive Strain Injuries

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms you may have a repetitive strain injury:

  • Swollen wrists or hands
  • Tingling along your arms, neck, or shoulders
  • Throbbing in your arms 
  • Stiffness in joints such as knees and elbows
  • Tender muscles and ligaments
  • Sensitivity to temperature (extreme cold or heat)

Many people immediately think of office and desk work as the type of jobs where repetitive strain injuries occur. However, there are many other professions where it is likely a worker can experience an RSI. Cleaning service staff, chefs and other kitchen staff, construction workers and other labor intensive jobs, and commercial truck drivers are just a few of the types of jobs where an RSI is common.

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