Workers’ Compensation Insurance Covers Medical Expenses, Disability, and More

Attorney Gilbert Fisher can help clients understand what to expect from their workers' compensation insurance in Fresno, CA, after a work-related accident. If you are not receiving the compensation you should be, Mr. Fisher can help hold your company liable.

A workplace injury often places undue stress and hardship on you and your family. Gilbert Fisher provides support to help you navigate this complex process, and ensure that you receive the treatment you need.

If you or a loved one was injured at work, contact Attorney Gilbert Fisher today to schedule a consultation.

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Mr. Fisher will help navigate the process of workers' compensation insurance to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in California

The state of California requires all businesses to carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers various expenses for employees who are injured or become ill through the normal course of business practices.

California places limits on how long you can receive benefits from workers’ compensation insurance, cutting off benefits after 104 weeks (two years). When you work with an experienced attorney such as Gilbert Fisher, he will keep these deadlines in mind to ensure that your case is finalized before your benefits are terminated.

Mr. Fisher is committed to seeing justice served, and he will advocate tirelessly for you to ensure that you receive the workers' compensation insurance benefits that you are entitled to.

Additionally, workers’ compensation insurance policies often limit your treatment to within their medical provider network. Attorney Gilbert Fisher can help you navigate the insurance company’s medical network to ensure that you gain access to the treatment that you need.

What Workers’ Compensation Insurance Covers

Workers’ compensation insurance covers various costs associated with medical treatment, including:

  • Reimbursement for a percentage of your weekly wages
  • In-network doctors’ visits, including specialists
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medications
  • Tests, including X-rays and MRIs
  • Rehabilitation such as physical therapy

Attorney Gilbert Fisher can help you understand what your company’s insurance policy should cover and ensure that you receive appropriate treatment.

If your company or their insurance company is refusing to cover a medical expense related to your injuries, Mr. Fisher can help in holding them liable, so that you have access to the coverage and treatment you deserve.

Benefits Offered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance offers more than just coverage for doctors' visits and medications. Some other benefits you should expect from your company’s workers’ compensation insurance policy include:

  • Medical Care: Any hospital or medical expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of your injury, including tests and any specialized equipment, such as a wheelchair, is typically covered. Your company’s insurance may also cover counseling and pain management. Generally, only traditional treatments are covered. If you want to seek experimental treatment, you should speak to an attorney.
  • Rehabilitation: Your company’s insurance policy should also cover any rehabilitation expenses such as physical therapy, to assist in your recovery, or help you relearn skills and abilities so that you can return to work. If you are unable to return to your former position due to your injury, these benefits may also cover training, education, and other resources to allow you to work in a different position or field.
  • Disability: These benefits compensate you for wages lost due to your inability to work because of injury. You may be completely unable to work for a temporary period of time, able to work but only to perform certain aspects of your job, or completely unable to return to work or perform your previous role. Generally, you will receive two-thirds of your weekly wages, untaxed. As stated previously, California limits these benefits to a period of 104 weeks.
  • Death: If a workplace injury results in the death of the employee, most policies provide benefits to close surviving family members (spouse, children, parents, or siblings), if one or more of these relations was financially dependent on the deceased. The primary purpose of this benefit is to provide the family with financial support after the loss of income and financial stability, typically through a percentage of the deceased’s wages.

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If you or a loved one suffered an injury in the workplace, contact Attorney Gilbert Fisher today to schedule your consultation.

Mr. Fisher is committed to seeing justice served, and he will advocate tirelessly for you to ensure that you receive the workers' compensation insurance benefits that you are entitled to.

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