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Gilbert Fisher has been practicing law for nearly 20 years and solely focuses on workers' compensation cases. Mr. Fisher provides his clients with informed guidance that serves their best interests. As your workers' compensation lawyer, he will relentlessly advocate on your behalf to help you secure your benefits.

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Narrator: Attorney Gilbert Fisher exclusively represents workers' compensation cases and is dedicated to ensuring that injured workers and their families secure the financial support they need to recover. Mr. Fisher is truly passionate about serving his clients as he lost his father to a work-related injury and understands how devastating this time can be. As a smaller firm, Mr. Fisher's practice offers individualized service that is unavailable at larger firms. Gilbert Fisher: I've been an attorney for nearly 18 years now. And that entire time I have worked in the area of workers' compensation law. I'm located here Fresno, California in the middle of California's Central Valley. And we get injured workers from as far south as Bakersfield and as far north typically as Modesto, but primarily within this Fresno area. We represent all kind of injuries. We represent everything from what might be relatively minor injuries all the way up to very significant injuries, serious injuries, and even death cases. Narrator: Mr. Fisher works directly with all of his clients rather than through assistants or others. Mr. Fisher makes it a point to meet individually with each client throughout the process, giving you individualized attention unavailable at other firms. You will receive feedback and updates in a timely manner and have your phone calls returned promptly and efficiently. Gilbert Fisher: When I sit down with a new client or a potential new client, I try to go over their case and I try to give them a straightforward answer as to what the workers' compensation law and benefits are that might be applicable in their case. I don't try to sugar-coat or make promises that I can't deliver on just so that I can sign them up. I try to give them a realistic expectation of what they can expect going forward. And I think that there are a significant number of people that really appreciate that. Later on, when I meet with them, I always try to be straightforward with them and again, I think people appreciate that. Now there might be some people who want to hear what they want to hear and they might seek out attorneys who make big promises, and that's not me. But for those people who want to try and have the best information, the most accurate information to make decisions that are going to be important in their life, I think they are going to find that I do a pretty good job of that. Narrator: One of the cornerstones of our practice is compassion and understanding. Mr. Fisher is committed to seeing justice served, and he will advocate tirelessly for you to ensure that you receive the workers' compensation insurance benefits that you are entitled to. Gilbert Fisher: To be a good workers' compensation attorney I think you have to be a good lawyer. You have to understand the law that is applicable in workers' compensation. I think you also have to have an understanding for what injured workers are going through, and I think you have to be aware of that. In my specific situation, my father was tragically injured and ended up dying as a result of a work-comp injury. And so my family went through that and my mother went through that. And I know the hardships, and the ups and downs, and the confusion, the misunderstandings that happen when people are going through a work-comp injury and don't know what to expect. And so I try to keep that in that back of my mind when I'm dealing with my clients. I try to keep that perspective in mind. I try to be sensitive to that. But in addition, I've worked really hard. I went to a good law school, and I've worked for 18 years to learn workers' compensation law inside and out so that I can be a good attorney. Narrator: Getting injured on the job is traumatic for anyone, but navigating the legal system, in addition, can be an intricate quagmire of time limits, applications, and doctors. Having a guide through this process can free you from further headache and put you on the road to health and wholeness again. Gilbert Fisher: A good workers' compensation attorney is going to do three things that will positively impact the outcome of a case. Number one, they are going to help work with the client to develop the correct legal strategy for that specific case, and it's not the same for any two people. Secondly, that attorney is going to take action, such as filing an application with the workers' compensation appeals board, that protects their rights against any statutes of limitation and ensures that they are going to be able to get the workers' compensation benefits that they are entitled to. And thirdly, that attorney will have an intimate knowledge about the doctors in the system, either as treating doctors or as qualified medical examiners, who will be making decisions in their case and will help that person get to the right doctors. Narrator: You may be on the fence about hiring an attorney. You might be frustrated that the insurance company isn't performing to your expectations. Although it can be difficult to reverse the physical debilitation stemming from a workplace accident, it is at least possible to keep the financial effects of the incident to a minimum. The best way to obtain a fair settlement from an offending employer is to team up with a reputable workers' compensation attorney. Gilbert Fisher: In a perfect world no one would ever get injured at work. And for most people who are, understandably, it's a rough time. Under the law, they are entitled to certain benefits. And when the insurance company doesn't provide those benefits, oftentimes they turn to an attorney. Now again, they may be reluctant to do that because they feel like the insurance company should be doing that without them having to resort to getting an attorney. So we even under sometimes what are the best of circumstances in a workers' compensation case, there is kind of underlying resentment that they had to go to get an attorney, I understand that. I understand that people wish that system worked better. But in spite of all that, oftentimes I get clients who recognize that we are there with them and we're going through this and that we understand. And oftentimes when we get them the results that they deserve, they recognize that. And when they say thank you, that is the biggest reward for me. Narrator: If you or a loved one need help with a workers' compensation issue, call our office today.

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With nearly two decades of experience as an attorney, Gilbert Fisher is dedicated to giving clients individual attention and high-quality legal services. Our firm works to make legal representation accessible, offering free consultations and late-night/weekend appointments. We represent clients in various types of workplace injury cases including:

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