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Factory Accident Attorney

Accidents in factories and processing centers can cause debilitating injuries with potentially long-term repercussions.

Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher can help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit or file a workers' compensation claim.

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Why You Need an Industrial Accident Lawyer

Injuries in industrial settings can lead to severe, life-altering consequences. In some tragic cases, these incidents can be fatal, leaving loved ones suffering in the deceased's absence.

Along with physical pain and emotional suffering, factory accidents can result in significant financial strain due to an inability to work and the high cost of medical treatment. You may be unsure of how you will cover these expenses with your loss of income. That is why it is essential for injured workers or surviving family members to speak with a factory accident attorney at our law offices in Fresno and Salinas, CA, as soon as possible.

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We Can Help You Collect The Compensation You Need to Move Forward

If you are struggling with medical bills, loss of income, or other financial burdens after an industrial injury, you deserve help. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to workers' compensation or personal injury damages. 

Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher can review your case free of charge and explain your legal options. When our attorney takes on a case, he charges nothing upfront and only gets paid if he wins. Our goal is to help you completely recover the existing and future losses related to your work injury so you can begin to move forward with your life. Please contact our offices in Fresno or Salinas, CA, to schedule your risk-free consultation.

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Workers Face Hazards on the Job Each Day

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Damages You Can Collect After Your Workplace Injury

Damages are the monetary award given to a plaintiff in a civil case to make up for what was lost due to their injury. While workers' compensation should ideally cover these expenses, the unfortunate reality is that the amount you are offered won't necessarily be enough. A factory injury lawyer can make sure you don't get shortchanged when it comes to compensation for losses such as:

  • Hospital and medical treatment bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages for cases of extreme negligence

Mr. Fisher's Motivation Is Personal

Mr. Fisher's father was a factory worker who suffered a grievous injury at work that eventually led to his death. This tragedy sparked our attorney's passion for helping the injured. Watch this short video to hear our attorney's story and to learn more about his representation in factory accident cases. 

You Are Entitled to Workers' Comp Benefits

Many workers believe they must prove employer negligence to receive compensation, as they would likely need to in a personal injury lawsuit. This is not the case. Workers' comp is a no-fault system that entitles you to compensation even if your employer was not negligent. Write to our Fresno law firm or call us to learn more.

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Additional Causes of Factory Accidents


In addition to the above examples of industrial accidents, our law firm has also worked on cases involving defective equipment or machinery, recklessness by coworkers, and sprains from repetitive motions. If you or a loved one was injured while working in a factory, it's crucial that you speak with a lawyer at our Fresno or Salinas offices.

You Can Be Compensated For Incidents Away From the Factory

Workers' compensation covers any injuries that occur within the scope of work. This means you can receive compensation for harm you suffered away from the factory as long as the harm happened during work-related activity. 

For example, you may have suffered a car accident while picking up something for your boss. Other common examples include car accidents sustained while driving another employee, a client, or a delivery. 

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Your Employer’s Responsibilities in the Workplace

Prevention of Industrial Accidents

Employers throughout California owe a duty of care to their workers and are responsible for implementing certain standards to protect employees. This duty of care includes:

  • Providing thorough and ongoing training
  • Creating safe traffic patterns on factory floors
  • Installing sufficient lighting
  • Requiring the use of appropriate safety equipment, such as helmets, goggles, and earplugs
  • Maintaining all machinery and vehicles
  • Double-checking and repairing safety systems, including automatic shut-off mechanisms
  • Ensuring appropriate supervision at all times

When employers have failed to fulfill their responsibilities and an industrial accident happens, injured victims can pursue financial compensation.


If you were injured in an industrial accident, even a seemingly minor car accident sustained in the course of work, the most important thing to do is to seek proper medical attention. 

While your health is the top priority, there are other important steps you need to take following an accident. Injured workers must notify their employer as soon as possible (no later than within 30 days of the incident). Failure to do this can disqualify you from workers' compensation benefits.

Before submitting your claim, we recommend that you speak to a lawyer. Mr. Fisher is an industrial accident lawyer who will be able to review your claim and make sure you pursue the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled. He can also advise whether to pursue a workers' comp case or a personal injury lawsuit.

Filing an Injury Claim vs. Workers' Compensation Considering Your Options After an Accident

There are pros and cons to filing a personal injury claim and filing a workers' compensation claim in the state of California. By working with an injury lawyer, you can learn which option is better for your situation.

Personal Injury Claim

In some cases, a personal injury claim may be the most appropriate course of action. If so, you will need to prove your employer had a duty of care to workers. You will then need to show that they neglected that responsibility and that your injury was the direct result of their negligence. In some instances, malfunctioning work equipment can make a defective product case more appropriate. With these cases, a third party, such as an engineer or manufacturer, may share liability.

Workers' Compensation Claim

Workers' compensation is one of the most common and effective ways to obtain financial support after a factory accident. Almost all employers are required to carry this type of insurance, which can cover medical bills and lost wages for employees. If your accident was severe and you are permanently disabled, workers' comp can provide lifelong financial assistance. During your free consultation, Mr. Fisher can explain the benefits of workers' compensation and its limitations.

A Wrongful Death Claim Can Be Your Avenue to Seek Justice


If an accident resulted in the death of a spouse or family member, an attorney can help you pursue a wrongful death claim. This would mean the liable party demonstrated negligence that caused the accident and led to the loss of life. Our Fresno-based firm has helped many families who have suffered irreplaceable losses due to factory accidents. If an injured loved one lost their life on the job, lawyer Gilbert Fisher is here to help you and your family achieve the justice you deserve.

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