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Construction Accident Attorney

If you suffer a personal injury in a construction accident, you may be due compensation from various negligent parties.

Construction accident lawyer Gilbert E. Fisher can help you file a compensation claim. Let us help while you focus on healing.

Why do so many clients in Fresno and Salinas, CA, trust Mr. Fisher to fight for their rights and their family's livelihood?

4 Reasons to Retain Our Construction Accident Attorney

Number one

No Upfront Fees

Mr. Fisher works on contingency, so his fee comes directly from your compensation settlement. In other words, he only gets paid if you win.

Number two

Personalized Attention

Mr. Fisher will have one-on-one interactions with you and provide personalized focus. You may not find that at huge firms with dozens of lawyers.

Number three

Convenient Locations

Our firm has offices in Fresno and Salinas. Conveniently, both Fresno and Salina have workers' compensation appeals boards.

Number four

Practicing for Over Two Decades

Mr. Fisher has been practicing law since 2000 and workers' compensation cases specifically for nearly a decade.

A Friend to Injured Workers in Fresno and Salinas


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Initial vist was amazing they are really there for you and will work hard for you extremely understanding they made it very easy and comforting through the hole process

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When people like him have God in the heart, all professional things is blessed, thanks again for fighting in Court like fierce, God bless always to Mr Fisher and all professional and excellent staff, Gloria is the best Paralegal with gold heart .. my eternity gratitude

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How Long Do I Have to File My Injury Claim?

The deadline for filing a personal injury claim in California is two years. However, if the injury is not discovered immediately, the statute of limitations changes to one year after discovery. Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher has experience helping people who have experienced workplace injuries including everything from car accidents to a family member's wrongful death

The sooner you contact Mr. Fisher at either his Fresno or Salinas, CA, offices, the sooner he can fight for you to receive compensation. This can help pay medical bills and other injury-related expenses. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. 

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A Personal Passion for Helping Injured Workers

Our construction accident lawyer is passionate about workers' compensation. Mr. Fisher's father suffered a devastating work injury that left him permanently paralyzed. Mr. Fisher's father eventually passed away due to his injuries. This is why our attorney fights so hard to get workers injured on the job like you the compensation and justice they deserve.

The many moving parts and heavy machinery on a construction site make it dangerous for both workers and visitors. If the construction accident that injured you or a loved one was the result of an employer's negligence, you may be entitled to full reimbursement for lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs associated with the accident. In other cases, another party is responsible. Regardless of the nuances, Mr. Fisher and our dedicated legal team can help. 

Of all industries in California, construction had the second-highest number of workplace fatalities from 2013-2019. This is not to mention the many non-fatal injuries construction workers experience. Workers who put their bodies on the line to build important infrastructure deserve compensation when they are hurt. 

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

Some people may feel they do not need the services of an attorney. However, it is imperative to seek the advice of a legal professional who clearly understands every aspect of construction site accident claims as well as the complex California judicial system. That person is Gilbert E. Fisher.

Partnering with our Fresno-based attorney after a construction accident can improve your chances of maximum recovery. Contacting Mr. Fisher online is the best way to get started and determine if you have a viable lawsuit. 

Construction Site Injuries

More construction in the California Central Valley means more construction site injuries. There are two common types of injuries: specific injuries and cumulative trauma injuries. Both types deserve and qualify for compensation benefits that Attorney Gilbert Fisher can help you pursue.

How Mr. Fisher Can Prove Liability

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, every worker or visitor to a construction site is entitled to a reasonably safe working environment. If there are dangers, adequate warning must be provided. At a construction site, many parties must work together to ensure safety. Consequently, there are many people other than your immediate employer who may potentially be liable for an injury or wrongful death. Because proving who was at fault for the accident is the first step towards recovery, Mr. Fisher must determine whose negligence could have caused the accident, including:

General and Sub-contractors

General contractors/sub-contractors are responsible for providing warning information. Failure to do so can lead to liability for an accident. Our Fresno, CA, law firm will examine whether warnings related to any dangers were given and if so, whether the warnings were adequate.

Equipment Manufacturer

If faulty equipment is responsible for a workplace accident, the company that produced the equipment may be liable.

Construction Site Owner

The owner of the construction site may also bear some responsibility if safety measures were not followed or explained properly.


Mr. Fisher can identify where training was required and whether it was provided. If not, the party with decision-making authority regarding training may be liable.

Injured in a Construction Accident? Schedule Your Free Consultation

Were you injured in a car accident, fall, or another preventable mistake? Because of the many parties involved on a construction site, there may be more than one liable entity than just your employer. Identifying who to make a claim against is a crucial part of any construction accident case. Our attorney has the knowledge and background in personal injury you need to file an injury claim against the proper parties.

Find out how our attorney can help you or a loved one receive fair compensation after a construction site accident. Contact the law firm of Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher for a free consultation at his Fresno or Salinas, CA offices. He will even come to your home or hospital room if needed. Please feel free to use our convenient online form or give us a call ASAP.

Gilbert E. Fisher and staff

5 Stars for Mr. Fisher's Fresno Law Firm

"I really can't express how great of an attorney Mr. Fisher is.  From day one, I felt like they were there for me and fought hard for my case.  I called them one day and the next day they were able to get me in.  I met with Mr. Fisher on the day of my consultation (free).  I was not passed from one person to the other.  The staff was super professional and friendly.  They were in contact with me throughout my case, reminding me of appointments and important meetings.  I've heard of horrible experiences of people with other attorneys and all I can say is that I was truly blessed." Karen Mavrikis

An Accident Site Photo Could Be Vital

If you are able to take photos of the construction accident scene, please do so immediately. It is important that Mr. Fisher have a comprehensive sense of the scene when the construction accident occurred. Take pictures of any large open areas, unsteady scaffolding, chemical containers, signage that warns of danger and provides proper storage instructions, ladders or other equipment, and flooring.

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Common Mistakes Injured Workers Make

You can help your construction accident lawyer build your case by avoiding the following:

Delaying Retaining an Attorney

The liable construction company and their insurance company will immediately take steps to defend themselves against your future claim. It is wise for you to immediately retain a personal injury lawyer who specializes in workplace construction accidents, like attorney Gilbert E. Fisher. Mr. Fisher initially worked for insurance companies and understands how they will try to make their case against you.

Losing Critical Evidence

It is very hard for an insurance company to dispute solid proof of negligence by a construction company. Sharing the evidence with your personal injury lawyer is one of the best tools you have to build your construction accident case. If you have pictures on your phone or computer, you should duplicate them and back them up so you never lose critical evidence in support of your construction accident claim. 

Not Seeing a Doctor

It is not uncommon for people injured in a car accident, fall, or other situation to avoid going to the doctor if they do not feel they are in critical medical need. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The extent of your injuries may not be evident right away, and medical records provide great evidence that can help your construction accident lawyer fight for you. 

Other Types of Construction Site Accidents

Some of the most common accidents involve:

  • Electrocution
  • Car accidents, often with heavy vehicles like trucks
  • Driving or operating heaving machinery
  • Chemical spills
  • Electrical fires and explosions
  • Heavy, falling objects

Any of these accidents can result in severe injury or even death. It is critical to gather the facts not only about when and where the accident happened but also the type of accident. Presenting this evidence to Mr. Fisher puts you in a position where you are better able to establish liability and demand compensation.

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Attorney Gilbert E. Fisher has been practicing law since 2000. Mr. Fisher takes his duty to you seriously and knows firsthand how devastating a work injury can be for the victim and the family. Contact us online to get started.

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"Mr fisher made everything possible for me , a very good attorney he fights for you and knows what he is doing . If your going through a work injury please come to his firm he will take care of you and make sure you know your rights . I want to thank him and his team great people" Shay Rooters
Gilbert E. Fisher

Attorney Gilbert Fisher

With nearly two decades of experience as an attorney, Gilbert Fisher is dedicated to giving clients individual attention and high-quality legal services. Our firm works to make legal representation accessible, offering free consultations and late-night/weekend appointments. We represent clients in various types of workplace injury cases including:

You can request a consultation with Mr. Fisher online, or you can call our Fresno, CA, office at (559) 447-1210.

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"In my workers' compensation case, Mr. Fisher grasped the complex situation and provided immediate feedback. His legal assistance was direct and on-point, and allowed for an extremely positive resolution."

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